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French street names in detroit

When the festive set of Detroit wanted some merry-making, they usually went up to Cliff's place and crossed over the creek by means of stepping stones. Canterbury Road Perhaps named for the cathedral city in England. Antietam; named from the battle of Antietam in the Civil War; Delta Avenue. Edmonton Avenue. Beacon; named by Albert Crane from a street in Boston where he attended college. Church Street. Bagg; named for A. Young; grandfather of Jeffery T. David Carter ; Lambie Place; named for early resident, Frank Lambie; Lady's Lane; named for the quote, "'T was ever thus the signing swain Would seek his love in Lady's Lane" ; Labrosse; named for Dominique Labrosse, of Labrosse Farm; , later changed to Porter June 3, Lillian; given name of the lady in the family who owned the land this street is located on ; Lumpkin; named for Judege Lumpkin, of Georgia, the grandfather of W. Whiting; or Colonel Henry Whiting.

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Collingham Drive. Alden Avenue. Blackmar who owned a sawmill. Dearborn Road; the road leading to the village of Dearborn; Dequindre; named for Major Antoine Dequindre; land owner and veteran War of ; In that year, Congress granted to Detroit the military reserve through which the street ran.

Detroit History

Those who know the history of the City of Detroit know that our City was founded three hundred and thirteen years ago in , by French explorers. Annsbury Avenue. Winfield Avenue Dundee and Kinneyville both had, at one time, post offices known as Winfield. Derby Avenue. Whitney in Arenac County was named for the Whitney lumber mill. Conway Avenue. He received the Medal of Honor for his Civil War service. Dale Avenue. Covington Drive. Crane Avenue. Barker; Yemans; named for land owner, Dr.

Detroit Streets

  • Charles Gratiot, the engineer in charge of the project.
  • Canterbury Avenue Spw Perhaps named for the place in England.
  • But it supposedly replaced Ann Street in
  • Chicago Avenue Probably named for Chicago, Illinois.
  • Andrus; Helen Ave; named after the daughter of G.

Though not nearly to the extent as it happened in the South, slavery did exist in Michigan — and especially in Detroit, as the small, French, fur-trading settlement grew into the metropolis we know today. Our history is full with Detroit being known as a last stop on the Underground Railroad for slaves headed to freedom, as well as stories of freed slaves making homes here though with resistance. Joseph Campau. What do you do with all the land, though? Have slaves work it — which is exactly what the Campau family did. Cass Avenue. Although against slavery and supporting the idea that a state should decide whether to enforce slavery and not the federal government , there is record of Cass owning at least one slave himself. The Campau family actually purchased land from the Macomb family at one point. John R — Named after John R. And he owned slaves. Beaubien Street — The Beaubien family was an early French-Canadian Detroit family that, like many, made their living on ribbon farms and land ownership. And they also owned slaves. Brush Street — Brush is named for landowner and attorney Elijah Brush, who held so much property in what is now downtown Detroit, streets were developed to accommodate his land which explains the odd intersection of Brush and Gratiot downtown and he was the developer of what is now Brush Park. Although he represented a black woman in court who was born into slavery arguing that she should be free in the Michigan Territory, he is on record for owning slaves himself. McDougall Street — Named after George McDougall, the one-time owner of what we now call Belle Isle , he is listed alongside other prominent Detroiters of his day as owning slaves. Chene Street — The Chene family was another landowning French family who is listed as owning slaves. Rivard Street — Like the Campaus and Chenes, another landowning French family listed as slave owners.

Here’s The History Behind The Names Of 10 Detroit Area Places

Frnch section of the site is not complete. If you have a question about a street that is not listed, please email. Thanks to Thom Dionne for this info. It should be noted that another reader has taken exception to this bit of info. I confess, I didn't measure the street to confirm that it is 3 miles long.

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French street names in detroit. The Streets of Detroit

The following list contains Early streets originally surveyed and laid out in the early-mid 's Street names from Detroit, their origin, and the year the name first appeared in any record, map, or directory. Adair; named for William Adair nurseryman and landowner; Alexandrine Ave; named for Alexandrine M. Willis the wife of B. Campau, land owner; Antietam; named from the battle of Antietam Kaws gallery the Civil War; Alfred; named for son of E. Brush; Alfred in Springwells ; named for second son of Moses W. Field; Adelaide; named for wife of Elijah Brush; Adams; landowner;later changed to Buchanan March 19,

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Sep 6, by Ardelia Lee. Army in Hamtramck fought alongside George Washington during the American Revolution. In , after an illustrious military career, he was transferred to For Lernoult later named Fort Shelby, then Fort Wayne on July 11, Corktown is the oldest surviving neighborhood in Detroit, preserving much of the history of its immigrants. The neighborhood derives its name from the Irish immigrants who settled there.

The townspeople referred to the crossing as "Cliff's ford. Patterson Park at the water. Benton of Missouri;

What to know about Detroit. (© 2016)

Sep 6, - Here's The History Behind The Names Of 10 Detroit Area Places. Hamtramck. Photo: Andrew Jameson via Wikipedia, Creative Commons. Belle Isle. Scott Fountain. Gratiot Avenue. Looking down Gratiot Avenue in downtown Detroit. Dearborn. Walter P. Reuther Freeway. Livonia. John C. Lodge Freeway. Beaubien Street. Nov 8, - *Brigade; named for the "brigade" of streets with military names near Fort .. *Pontchartrain; named for first French name of Detroit; , later. Nov 5, - When you look at a map of the streets of Detroit, you will quickly notice that the majority of street names are of French origin. This graphic of an.

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